Star Wars at Disney World

Star Wars at Disney World

Greetings, fellow travelers! Today, we're heading to a galaxy far, far away to explore the immersive world of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. Where in Disney World is Star Wars? You can find it at Disney's Hollywood Studios. This themed land is the ultimate destination for Star Wars fans, and there's plenty to see and do. Let's dive into all that Galaxy's Edge has to offer.

Rides and Attractions

The centerpiece of Galaxy's Edge is undoubtedly the Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance attraction. This attraction puts you in the middle of an epic battle between the Resistance and the First Order, and features state-of-the-art technology and stunning special effects. It's a must-ride for any Star Wars fan, and quite possibly my all time favorite ride of any park.

For those who prefer a more traditional ride experience, there's also the Millennium Falcon: Smuggler's Run ride. This immersive attraction puts you in the cockpit of the iconic spaceship, where you'll work together with your team to complete a daring smuggling mission. The ride is incredibly realistic, with intricate details and thrilling moments that will leave you feeling like a true space smuggler. Just remember to be in the moment and experience what's happening around you without getting too distracted by all the light up buttons.

Food and Drink

Galaxy's Edge is also home to a variety of unique and delicious food and drink options. One of the most popular spots is the Milk Stand, where you can try the iconic Blue Milk and Green Milk featured in the Star Wars films. These fruity, refreshing drinks are perfect for a hot day in the park. They are sweet, without being too sweet, and they're vegan friendly!

Another must-try spot is Oga's Cantina, a lively bar where you can sample a variety of Star Wars-themed cocktails and mocktails. From the Fuzzy Tauntaun to the Jedi Mind Trick, there's something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, the cantina is filled with immersive details and even features a DJ droid spinning tunes. Upgrade to a souvenir glass for a special way to remember your trip. 


No trip to Galaxy's Edge is complete without a stop at the various shops and stalls throughout the land. From the Toydarian Toymaker to the Creature Stall, you'll find a variety of unique Star Wars-themed merchandise to bring home as a souvenir. You can even build your own lightsaber or droid at Savi's Workshop and the Droid Depot, respectively.

Interactive Experiences

One of the most unique aspects of Galaxy's Edge is the various interactive experiences scattered throughout the land. The Play Disney Parks app allows you to translate Aurebesh, the written language of the Star Wars universe, and interact with various elements throughout the land. You can also participate in missions and challenges throughout the land, such as hacking into droids or helping the Resistance.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is a must-visit destination for any Star Wars fan. With immersive rides and attractions, delicious food and drink options, unique shopping experiences, and interactive elements throughout the land, there's something for everyone to enjoy. So, grab your lightsaber and join the Resistance for a day of adventure in a galaxy far, far away. May the Force be with you!

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